CSV Analyzer

Discriptive Statistics - Generated From Your Data

Our CSV Analyzer is designed to read a CSV file and summarize the data for you.


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Marketing Tools For Your Business

Why send a boring email with a boring signature block? Our video business cards bring your consistent marketing message to life.


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Dashboards - Gain New Insights Like Never Before

Stay on top of the competition by making informed data driven decisions. We developed SnazzyData so you can see the health of your organization on one screen.


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Wiki Viewer

Branches and Nodes

When I set out to find an large dataset with conected nodes, wikipedia became the obvious choice. Wiki Viewer is a demonstration of how connected data can be displayed visually.


Data Clustering

Gain Insights About Your Data

This k-means clustering alogrythm will read your distribution of data and determine the best number of clusters


Data Warehousing

Descision Support Systems - From Data To Information

Data warehouses are the main building block for a strong reporting system. Pre summarized and ready for reporting, data warehouses are designed to help you move from raw data to information, to knowledge and insights.



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