Enhanced No-Finds Report

a powerful lead-generation tool by HBG Consulting - Helping Local Business Communties Grow

Empty Search Results In Your Directory?

If you're using Chamber Nation for your membership management system, there's a powerful report built into the system.

The "No Finds Report" captures searches in your business directory that returned NO RESULTS, no business to fill the category searched for.

Making Sense Of The Results

This report returns a long list of raw records, one row is created every time there's a "NOT FOUND"

We created a more useable version of that report, showing the most frequently searched-for categores that are not found in your directory when people search your directory.

How To Use The Enhanced "Not Found" Report

Starting at the top of the list, the most sought-after category not found, and use your favorite internet search engine to find local businesses in that category.

This becomes an easy phone call:

Hello Mr/Ms [prospect], we have an average of [number] people searching our directory each month looking for [your business category] and not finding anyone. I don't know why, but we don't have any [business category] in our chamber at the moment.

Would it help your business if you could get in front of [number] new prospects each month? How much is one new client worth to you in a year? (use our ROI calculator here if needed)

What are you doing [next tuesday for lunch]? If you're available, I'd like you to join us as my guest. Be sure to bring 30 business cards, there are some people I want to introduce you to....

No-Finds Report