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What Is DSHBD?

DSHBD is a mobile-first dashboard and scorecard application that gives you everything you need at your fingertips to monitor and improve the health of your company.

The Methodology

Companies that gain the most traction and make the most progress know how to focus on quarterly goals.

Those quarterly goals are usually describe things like the number of clients you'll acquire in the next quarter or dollars earned.

By focusing on weekly action items, or "leading" activities, you can manage bite-sized chunks of effort. A weekly sprint is not difficult when you plan your days in 2- or 3-hour chuncks and tackle the action items that help drive more customers or higher sales.

How It Works

DSHBD is a mobile-first web application that allows you to:

  • Define your quarterly goals
  • Identify actions you need to take each week to reach your goals
  • track your progress towards the actions
  • monitor your progress on the overall quarterly goals (scorecard)

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