Communicating The Benefits Of Membership

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Struggling With Membership Growth and Retention?

Most chambers offer an incredible array of benefits to their members. If you have trouble presenting the value of your chamber's membership to prospective members, you're going to have a low closing ratio. That in turn affects membership growth.

Your existing members probably don't fully understand the value of membership either, and all the pieces to the marketing puzzle you help with. That will have a negative impact on member retention.

We've also found that most chamber members are not taking full advantage of all the tools and benefits you offer to them, so there's plenty of room to get your existing members more engaged, which may also be hurting your membership retention numbers.

If any of this resonates with you, you can greatly benefit from this free, one-hour hands-on workshop.

What Will I Learn?

In just one hour, you will learn how to:

  • Present the value of your membership to existing and potential chamber members
  • Demonstrate the tools you use to promote their business in the community
  • Show business professionals how to strengthen their business connections
  • Help your members improve their credibility in the community
  • Get your entire community more engaged in a strong local economy

You'll walk away with an action plan to implement right away in your chamber's sales process.

Just one small tweak in your current sales presentation can make all the difference. You have nothing to loose by investing this hour, and a huge return on your investment for the time you spend in this workshop.

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